The world biggest importers - July 22, 2018

The world biggest importers

After the map of the top 10 exporters of the world, now we can see the map of the biggest importers as well. Unsurprisingly, the leading 10 is the same on both lists, but there are changes in their order. Let’s see the top 10 and the differences, too.

After seeing who the most important exporters of the world are, also created the map of the biggest importers. As they put it about the subject: “There are a lot of similarities between the lists of largest exporting and importing countries”.

Unsurprising top 10

Unsurprisingly, the top 10 importers are the same as the top 10 exporters. Their order is a bit different, though. While China is the biggest exporter, it’s “only” the second biggest importer. In this regard, the United States takes the lead with $2,409 billion, followed by China’s $1,842 billion.

The world biggest importers

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The map is based on the World Trade Organization’s data from last year, and for better understanding the creators “changed the size of the country depending on the value of imports and we added a shade of red for easy reference”. also points out that “the top three import countries have a combined footprint of $5,418B compared to only $4,036B for the rest of the top 10. In fact, the top 10 countries as a group generate more than a trillion dollars of imports, more than the rest of the world combined.”

Exports versus imports

Imports are only one side of the equation: exports are also important. In that regard, we can see unbalanced relations. The US might be the second biggest exporter, but it’s outpaced by China by far. Quite the contrary is true for imports: the US takes the lead over China with $600 billion.

TOP 10 exporters and importers in 2017*

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This all leads to the United States having a serious trade deficit, which is a topic often touched by Donald Trump. He might be right saying that the Chinese government protects their own markets against foreign goods, while selling their own products without any serious restrictions around the world. This is a reason why Trump started his trade war, but that might not be the perfect solution, especially against his Western allies, like Germany. It’s also important to point out that trade deficits are not rare among the leaders: Hong Kong, France and the UK also have them.

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