The most valuable brands on Earth - February 11, 2018

The most valuable brands on Earth

What are the most valuable brands on Earth? An updated map created by has the answer to that question. Their analysis provides some other interesting insights as well, like the fierce competition in the US to take the lead.

An interesting world map surfaced on the internet showing the visual list of the most valuable brands by country. Altogether, the US wins by far, but there are some interesting things to discover.

What is this map and list? based their infographic on Brand Finance’s data. The latter creates a list called Global 500, which shows the most valuable brands of the world every year. This list accumulates several things: it’s not only based on the hard dollar value of a company, but includes assets, trademarks, patents, future prospects, as well as customer, employee and stakeholder satisfaction. Based on this list,’s map looks like this:

It’s obvious at first sight that not all countries are listed on the map. This is for a good reason: some countries don’t have companies big enough to be featured on the Global 500 list, therefore they are not shown on the map.

The US takes the lead

It’s also clear from the map that the US has a serious advantage in brand values. Amazon is currently valued at $150.8 billion while the second contender, Samsung, only has two thirds of that value as it’s “only” worth $92.3 billion. After Samsung (and South Korea), there’s another great gap with Chinese ICBC and other European brands, which are generally valued at around or under $50 billion. These are still well-known and valuable companies, but Amazon and Samsung have a significant lead over them.

There is an important thing that’s not shown on the map: several American brands are having top values. Google and Apple are both valued at over a $100 billion, making them more valuable than Samsung; however, since they are also US based, they don’t have a separate place on the map.

The fight for being the biggest and richest

The US leaders are also fighting fiercely for the lead. Last year, Google was the most valuable brand (with a value around $100 billion), and before that, Apple had the lead (again, with a value at around $100 billion). This year, Amazon took them all, but it’s not clear yet for how long.

This fight between brands has another aspect: there’s also a race for being the richest person in the world. Amazon’s CEO and shareholder Jeff Bezos lately took over the first place from Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates. At the time of our post, Gates took back the lead for a while, but now it seems that Bezos strengthened his with a wealth over $100 billion.

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