The World’s Largest Companies - May 24, 2015

The World’s Largest Companies

The Forbes listed the world’s 2000 largest companies this year as well, the first 10 spots occupied by Chinese and U.S. companies. China’s breakthrough is obvious: the first 4 spots were only available to Chinese companies. There are, however, further interesting movements and rearrangements on the list.

China breaks through

The Forbes measured the companies by revenues, profits, assets and market value for the 13th time. China is more and more present on this list too, which reflects perfectly the changing global economic relations.

For the very first time, Chinese companies, the four biggest banks, own the top four spots. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China top the list for a third consecutive year, while Bank of China jumped 5 spots to the No. 4 spot. knocking down the U.S. bank giant, JP Morgan. Warren Buffets investor guru’s Berkshire Hahthaway, largest U.S. company, stays only on the 5th place of the list.

Somehow surprising that Apple, largest company by market capitalisation ($750 billion), occupies only the 12th place.

See the full list here: The World’s Biggest Public Companies

U.S. dominance is still present

The Forbes Global 2000 lists 579 U.S. companies while China (and Hong Kong) has 232 companies present but added more spots than any other country in the world. And for the first time, surpassed Japan (with 218 companies) on the list of the overall companies. This global map presents the countries and the number of their companies listed on this exclusive Global 2000 list.


The World’s Largest Companies by Forbes Global 2000
Impossible numbers

The Global 2000 companies hail from 61 countries and account their combined achievement that seems almost unbelievable.

  • $39 trillion revenue
  • $3 trillion profit
  • $162 trillion assets
  • $48 trillion market value

Thanks to the bull market mood, the total market value of Global 2000 companies grew 9 percent last year.


The World’s TOP10 Biggest Public Companies in billion USD (Source: Forbes)

Not only the already known companies are present on the list but there are 200 newcomers as well, among them Expedia that provides online booking services, Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest publisher of video games and Tiffany & Co. (luxury jewellery). Thanks to the rising stock market and strong demand, IPO market added more than 20 notable newcomers to the list. In particular, Asian companies took the lead by raising capital such as Alibaba that is directly made it to the list.

Winners & losers

Facebook, thanks to its rising revenue and profits, jumped more than 200 ranks, now is on the 280th spot. American Airlines jumped 500 ranks due to the falling oil prices, Starbucks rose 450 ranks while Monster Beverage, energy drinks producer, jumped 400 spots which is quite significant as well.

The biggest loser, obviously, is the Brazil oil giant Petrobras, dropped close to 400 spots amid accounting and corruption scandals.