Our First Full Year in Publishing - December 27, 2015

Our First Full Year in Publishing

This year was the first full year for Innovative Securities’ blog and major publications. It’s true, we have started publishing our market thoughts in 2014, but 2015 was the first full year, and we had a fantastic time with our readers. Let’s see what we have achieved!

In 2015 we published several press releases, 5 to be precise, and they had great success with news sites, like Yahoo, MarketWatch and Reuters. Our first major release about US Dollar was published at Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch and several other pages. Yahoo Finance also published our story about a possible bond market bubble, and so did Boston Globe and Miami Herald. Another story of ours, about China’s stock market made it to New York Business Journal, Boston.com among Yahoo and Business.com. When we predicted that Fed may hike rates we made it to Reuters, MarketWatch and Yahoo again, and at last but not least, our thoughts about the Yuan was published at Reuters, Yahoo and MarketWatch again. We consider this a huge success.

But not everything was about our press releases. Our blog has fresh and interesting content every week. That is a lot of articles in a single year, but we were lucky enough to be able to tell our readers - you - so many important stories about the economy. What’s more, since this year we are not only share our market thoughts with you but we also created a section for financial advice, so we can help people to make some of their financial decisions easier. You can also find and follow us on the most important social sites.

When we started the online communication for Innovative Securities, we thought it was important to tell people (and to our clients) how we see the changes and opportunities in the economy. After our first full year, we understand that people welcome our efforts and they like to read about us. We already have thousands of people monthly who are interested in what we have to say about markets. This also makes us proud, and makes it even better for us to look forward the next year.

Thank you for staying with us this year, we hope that you will be a frequent reader in the future too.