Go mobile with Innovative Securities - February 12, 2017

Go mobile with Innovative Securities

We’re happy to announce that the official Innovative Securities Mobile App is here and can be downloaded from Apple’s App store and Google’s Play Store! From now on managing your Profit Max is easier than ever and you will be able to do it wherever you are.

There are many great functions in this application as we brought the best features of Profit Max to the mobile platform. Transaction signing became a breeze with One Time Passwords. Clients will be able to use OTPs, anywhere even offline. Within the app, it’s also possible to review the details of one’s portfolio and offline access is available here too. With our special two-click method it’s also possible to top-up cards easily.

As an ISO / IEC 27001 certified company we know how important security is, so the app can be protected with a separate PIN code. We also paid great attention to other security details: the app uses a secure connection and the whole application and database are encrypted.

While we were designing the app we not only focused on the functions but we wanted to create an elegant, modern and simple user interface too. We believe we’ve succeeded and with this app our clientele can not only manage their investments on their mobile but it will be a refreshing experience to do so.

Before making the app publicly available, we spent long hours with planning and beta testing with a closed test group but our work is not done yet: we are planning to introduce new features in the future too.

To learn more and download the application, visit our Go Mobile page or head over to the App Store on iOS or Play Store on Android.