Another year of quality and development - December 04, 2016

Another year of quality and development

Another year has passed: Innovative Securities became 8 on Monday (28th November). During 2016 we had two main goals. The first was to keep up our brand defining high quality of service. The other aim was to start some new developments. We believe we’ve succeeded in both.

The continuation of the path we started 8 years ago is important for us as it’s the key to our customer satisfaction. The year brought the global markets some unexpected changes like the Brexit or the surprising win of Donald Trump on the US election. Against all these unforeseen events our long-term investment strategies are still in place and we’re looking forward to the years to come positively.

In accordance with this, we’re strengthened in our belief that the well-diversified investment portfolios we launched almost a decade ago are a great and safe way of investing. Other important market analysts also believe that long-term thinking is the key to success. Our growing clientele seem to agree and trust our professionally created and regularly updated portfolio.

We also had great success with our analyses, for example in February we predicted that developing markets may shine again. Our analyses appeared on Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch to name some, what’s more, just as we expected, iShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETF (that covers the large and mid-sized companies in Brazil) started to rise soon and went up until now by 50%. We also explained how the bond bubble may end. As it turned out, since the summer the time has come for that too.

For the future, we have plans to expand our core business and services further. We’re also eyeing with the all-important mobile platform: we started the beta tests of an application, which will soon be public. We started a beta phase of a Spanish blog this year as well, and we’re also planning to discover new media formats to make the Innovative Securities experience even more interesting for our followers.

There are great plans for us in the future, but there are things that will not change. Our blog and social platforms will deliver the familiar quality of market analyses and financial advice as our readers’ feedback is really positive about our articles. We will also focus on keeping up our quality of service.

What we have learned through these years is that we must focus on two things at the same time for success: constant development and the satisfaction of our current clientele. This is what we will do in the years to come.